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Hez Energy

Hez Energy is an energy company, which has 4 piece 22581.54 hectares area on the Buyuk Menderes Graben in Aydin and Denizli, 1 piece 2478.7 hectares area on the Gediz Graben in Manisa province Alasehir, 1 piece 4962.81 hectares in Bilecik and 3 piece 12410.95 hectares in Nigde, invests in a total of 9 geothermal license areas and 42434 hectares.

Scientific studies for exploration activities in our fields located in the Germencik region of the Buyuk Menderes Graben have been completed and the licenses have been converted into operating licenses. Production and injection drillings are carried out in the Germencik geothermal field, and a preliminary license was obtained for the establishment of a 24 MWe power plant in the first place.

According to scientific data the total energy capacity of our geothermal licenses has been determined to be around 400 MWe. HEZ Energy started its activities in 2016 and still continues uninterrupted production wells for operating activities for the purpose of power plant installation. Our scientific studies continue in our other fields.


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  • OUR 2022 PLAN

    Our primary plan is to order two 12 MWe power plants with a total capacity of 24 MWe in 2022.


    Our target is to reach a capacity of approximately 100 MWe by the end of 2027. In the longer term, our goal is to reach 400 MWe electricity capacities by making integrated geothermal energy investments in all our fields.


    We have investment plans, apart from electricity generation, to benefit from geothermal energy in an integrated way. Our R&D department works intensively on investments such as lithium production, hydrogen production with geothermal energy, modern geothermal greenhouse cultivation, fruit-vegetable drying facility etc. A pilot project on lithium production has been successfully completed. Our R&D studies on this subject are continuing, and we have a commercial investment target in the coming years.


Geothermal energy; can be defined as the heat energy carried by hot water and steam, which is heated by a magma deep in the earth's crust and contains more melted matter than the normal underground and surface waters around it. In other words, geothermal energy; is a domestic, new, renewable, sustainable, cheap, reliable, environmentally friendly and green energy type that is not dependent on foreign sources. One of the most important features of geothermal energy, unlike other sources produced from underground, is that it has a dynamic structure.

The world population is constantly increasing and technology and industry are developing rapidly. Depending on this situation, the need for energy is increasing day by day with the introduction of electric vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to increase energy production and energy types in order to meet the energy needs in a sustainable way. The most used energy sources are fossil fuel themed sources. Since fossil fuels are not clean and sustainable energy sources, they cause destruction in the environment. In today's world, where the preservation of ecological balance is increasingly important, minimizing the effects of environmental pollutants is a basic requirement of environmental awareness. For this reason, new, renewable and clean energy sources which do not harm nature and human health have been searched. These energy sources can be listed as geothermal, solar, wind, water and biomass. Among the renewable energy sources, the most important for our country is geothermal energy. Worldwide, geothermal energy is the energy source with the highest potential among renewable energy sources, with an annual potential of 140,000,000 exajoules. Our country ranks fourth in the world in terms of geothermal resources, and 78% of the areas with high potential are in Western Anatolia, 9% in Central Anatolia, 7% in the Marmara Region, 5% in Eastern Anatolia and 1% located in other regions. Geothermal enables the generation of energy from local sources regardless of climatic conditions.

  It is predicted that Turkey's geothermal capacity can theoretically reach 60000 MWt. Our aim is to use high-capacity geothermal energy, which is our own asset, with high efficiency. Therefore, geothermal energy is an ore that should be evaluate as a renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe energy source.


  • Significant electricity generation from geothermal fluid
  • City and greenhouse heating / cooling
  • Growing tropical plants and fish
  • Swimming pool, thermal tourism and thermal treatment centers
  • Process heat supply, drying and sterilization of food, canning
  • Drying and processing of leathers
  • Sugar, pharmaceutical, pasteurized milk factories
  • Use of high mineral waters in the cosmetics industry
  • Production of chemicals and minerals such as carbon dioxide, fertilizer, lithium, heavy water, hydrogen
  • Drying of diatomite
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